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If you’ve worked hard for your health through diet and exercise, but you still struggle with stubborn fat, consider laser fat reduction with Dr. Santiago M. Leyte-Vidal at Cocoa Beach Internal Medicine, located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Dr. Leyte-Vidal and the team are well known in the community for their caring internal medicine care. Discover what else they have to offer with laser fat reduction, a procedure that helps uncover the body you’ve earned. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone today.

Laser Fat Reduction Q & A


What is laser fat reduction?

Laser fat reduction is a non-invasive procedure that Dr. Leyte-Vidal uses to remove unwanted pockets of fat from healthy patients who need help achieving their ideal look. Laser fat reduction isn’t recommended for weight loss.

Laser fat reduction works by delivering controlled wavelengths of laser heat under the skin. When the heat hits your fatty tissue, it damages your soft tissue, so that it begins to break down. After the laser damages your fat cells, your lymphatic system will naturally expel them over the course of three months.

To keep your skin from becoming damaged, the laser machine simultaneously delivers cooling rays. This cooling mechanism also makes your experience more pleasant.

Dr. Leyte-Vidal performs laser fat reduction using FDA-approved SculpSure® technology. Each treatment takes about 25 minutes. When you’re done, you can return to your daily activities.

What areas can I treat with laser fat reduction?

You can use laser fat reduction to target a number of different problem areas, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Under the chin
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Back

All of these areas can be easily addressed with laser fat reduction. Contact Dr Leyte-Vidal to schedule an appointment to discuss how to start the process of spot reduction today.

Is laser fat removal right for me?

To determine if laser fat removal is right for you, you need to meet with Dr. Leyte-Vidal and discuss your situation. In general, though, if you meet the following qualifications, laser fat removal may be a great choice for you. You are:

  • At a healthy weight
  • Not planning on major weight loss or pregnancy soon
  • Bothered by trouble spots you can’t eliminate through diet and exercise
  • Looking for a non-surgical solution
  • A person with realistic expectations

How long until I see results?

After receiving laser fat reduction treatment, you typically start to see initial results by about six weeks with full results in about 12 weeks.

Once those fat cells are gone, they won’t regenerate. Results are permanent. However, if your weight fluctuates, you can see new fat cell growth.

Are you ready to uncover those curves for which you’ve worked so hard? If you’re ready to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat once and for all, call Dr. Leyte-Vidal at Cocoa Beach Internal Medicine. The practice will begin offering SculpSure services at the beginning of May 2019. Book your appointment today online or over the phone.

SculpSure service will be available starting in the beginning of May, 2019!